Headquarter in Vancouver, British Columbia, L'Oliveraie Quality Whole Foods Inc. is a Canadian owned wholesaler & distributor of quality whole food products.

Proud to be Canadian and part of a multicultural society, we share in cultural diversity by bringing healthy whole foods from around the world to you and your family at the best affordable price.  




L'Oliveraie Quality Whole Foods is committed to bring you whole food products that will exceed your expectation. To achieve this we build relationships with regional farmers & processors which partake in fair & ethical work practices, adhere to environmental responsibility, care about long term sustainability, produce products of the highest quality, and follow international codes, standards and guidelines.

Our goal is continual introduction of new healthy foods while improving cultivation & business practices to be as low impact and sustainable as possible. We aim to bring new economic activity to our source regions by providing new jobs in a safe, healthy workplace while lessening human impact on the environment.