To proudly introduce healthy whole foods from around the world while ensuring our commitment to best business practices, low environmental impact & sustainability, are met for you and your family to enjoy at the best affordable price.

“Lifestyles for Health & Sustainability”

Business Practices

L’Oliveraie Quality Whole Foods deals only with credible farmers & distributors of whole nutritious food products.  To achieve this we build relationships with regional farmers & processors which partake in fair & ethical work practices, adhere to environmental responsibility, care about long term sustainability, produce products of the highest quality, and follow international codes, standards and guidelines.

True to our beliefs, L’Oliveraie has developed & implemented a stringent criteria list to ensure qualification & fitness throughout the supply chain meet or exceed our commitment to environment, sustainability, welfare of the workers & quality of food product.

Our business practices embody purpose, people & pride; our quality whole food products are selected & served to you with social consciousness.


L’Oliveraie Quality Whole Foods believes in working with partners which aspire in developing long term relationships based on environmental responsibility, sustainability, fair & equitable treatment of their workers.

To accomplish this, L’Oliveraie goes directly to the source to meet &   interact “face-to-face” with farmers, processors, and workers.   Based on our findings, we initiate & explore shared synergies, work out strategies, share knowledge and collectively introduce a high quality product for the consumer.


L’Oliveraie understands, promotes & supports sustainable agricultural & economic growth. Our sustainability goals are simple, we aim to create a profitable business and at the same time a decent livelihood for farmers and farm workers.

We understand what it means to be sustainable, and after interacting with farmers, farm workers & producers, realize that regional midsize agricultural communities that operate responsibly contribute financially and environmentally and help to preserve biodiversity by building a foundation to differentiate themselves from new generation super farms.

L’Oliveraie understands that these local/regional agricultural communities to remain sustainable must contribute to the economic and social development of their rural region and to the well-being of farmers, processors and farm workers.

L’Oliveraie believes it can and must contribute to economic development and value creation of the developed & developing world, not only for philanthropic reasons, simply because we are a part of a global community and we have a responsibility to you & ourselves to play a vital role in shaping our future.