Olive Oils

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Full bodied with a mild fruity aromatic flavor accompanied by a slight peppery after tone. This exceptional quality organic extra virgin olive oil has a deep green colour with a fresh rich finish.

JOHN GREEK® Organic EVOO is an “AGROCERT” certified organic product and is produced through cold extraction under compliance to strict regulations for: orchard management, milling, handling, packing facilities, product grade definitions and labeling requirements.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Elegant a full-bodied extra virgin olive oil, grassy to the nose with a mild fruity aroma characteristic of the “Manaki” variety olive. This quality extra virgin olive oil reflects a light green color full of golden sparkle and yields an exceptional smooth texture with a slight spicy edge & a perfectly balanced finish.

JOHN GREEK® P.D.O Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold extracted with an acidity rating of 0.01% - 0.08%; the “Manaki Olive” is known to produce the purest & highest quality extra virgin olive oil on the planet. John Greek EVOO is farmed and produced under the strictest E.U regulations and quality control standards.