Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Full bodied with a mild fruity aromatic flavor accompanied by a slight peppery after tone. This exceptional quality organic extra virgin olive oil has a deep green colour with a fresh rich finish.

JOHN GREEK® Organic EVOO is an “AGROCERT” certified organic product and is produced through cold extraction under compliance to strict regulations for: orchard management, milling, handling, packing facilities, product grade definitions and labeling requirements.

JOHN GREEK® Certified Organic extra virgin olive oil is produced in the Argolida region of Greece and is comprised of Manaki & Ladoelia olive types; farming of these olives and production of organic extra virgin olive oil resides in this regions history of over 4500 years. The Mycenaean’s well known for their trade routes, used to export this organic extra virgin olive oil to all parts of the Mediterranean. This lucrative liquid revered for its healing & health properties was used to barter for   precious metals and textiles.  

We are confident that after tasting John Greek Organic EVOO, even the most discerning connoisseur will agree that this product has achieved the highest level of taste and quality.     

The term "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" is used to classify the highest quality olive oil. In chemical terms it means having an olive oil containing no more than 0.8% of oleic acid. The Olive oil must be produced entirely by mechanical means, without the use of solvents & temperatures below 30° centigrade, so its properties will not change due to heat.

John Greek Organic EVOO is a certified (P.D.O) "Protected Designation of Origin Product", its origin, the famed "Lygourio Asklepieon" region of Greece where cultivation of "Manaki" olives date back over 3,000 years & continues to this day.

Autumn harvest takes place middle to end of October where "single variety olive" is picked producing an unfiltered exceptional quality extra virgin organic olive oil.

The oil that has been "cold extracted" boasts unprecedented organoleptic characteristics & meets or exceeds the specifications set out for all PDO products.

The olives must be procured from an organic olive producer and a copy of the certification is attached with the olive consignment. The organic olives are stocked separately from non-organic olives and visible labels are placed on the bins to mark the organic olives.

The organic olives must be cleaned thoroughly without the use of any chemicals. Our pressing equipment is designated to process only organic olives.

We keep all records and certificates of the organic olives along with the processing records to ensure compliance with BIO HELLAS strict regulations, as well with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements.

To protect its qualitative properties, John Greek Organic EVOO is bottled in tinted glass bottles protecting the product from oxidation and flavor degradation. When extra virgin organic olive oil is exposed to heat, light, and air the valuable nutrients in the oil begin to oxidize and the olive oil will begin to lose its flavor.

When buying extra virgin organic olive oil, buy one that is packaged in opaque or tinted glass; do not store olive oil in plastic containers as the oil can leach harmful substances out of the plastic.