Balsamic Vinegar

John Greek Balsamic Vinegar is produced in Attica known as the oldest vinegar production region in Greece.

This exceptional Balsamic Vinegar is produced exclusively from local wines and is naturally fermented according to traditional methods.

The production of John Greek balsamic vinegar is based upon the very simple and traditional principle of natural fermentation of wine. With this simple, healthy and above all ecological method, we achieve the perfect fermentation of wine which intern yields an exceptional quality, tasteful balsamic vinegar.

John Greek Balsamic Vinegar offers a rich, slightly sweet flavor and lends itself to a wide variety of culinary uses & delights, its favorable composition and fragrance boasts well for a large variety of gourmet uses.

We trust that once you have tasted John Greek Balsamic Vinegar you will realize that it is a well balanced product offered to you at the best price possible.